In order that zpz2010.com may be a safe and reputable source of information, all users of the site must accept and abide by the terms and conditions listed below. These rules should be self-evident, and common sense as they are primarily laws given to us by God.


All users of this site’s comment system must be of at least 18 years of age, or at least 13 years of age with parental permission. Those not eligible to use the comment system are still free to use the rest of the site however, with the exception of the forums which is an extension of the commenting feature. When you register, you confirm that the information you use is correct, and we are not responsible for any fees or liabilities should you provide inaccurate information.

Usage Terms

By using this site and its comment system, you recognize the following are expressly forbidden:

  • Hate Speech and Racism
  • Adult Material
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  • Flaming and Trolling
  • Harassment
  • Plagiarism
  • Unsolicited Advertising / SPAM
  • Impersonation of Another Person or Entity
  • Logging in To Another User’s Account Without Permission
  • Post Comments Promoting Illegal Activity

These rules should be self-explanatory. Please know that minors are using this website, even if there were none, and this kind of behavior will not be allowed. In addition to this, breaking a majority of these rules would also violate the ten commandments, given to us by the Lord.

Our Rights

We have the right to ban you from this website should you choose not to follow these rules. We also reserve the right to edit your posts and comments if needed. For example, if a site you link to contains racism, we will remove that link. If you use swear words in your post, we can and will remove them. We also reserve the right to not delete your profile. This has the potential to derail discussions, and there is almost no need for you to have your profile deleted. This is not to say we will not do so, if you would like to have your account deleted, you can send me an email with your account and why you wish for it to be deleted. We will then review the matter and make a decision.

We own the rights to all content posted on this website unless otherwise noted. If you wish to republish one of our articles, you may do so by following the instructions given here: Reprint Simply copying one of our articles and republishing it without prior permission is considered plagiarism and is punishable by law.

We are not to be held liable for what others may post or for anything on an advertiser’s website. It is your responsibility to be safe online, not ours. Although we will always do our best to remove offending content as swiftly as possible, we cannot monitor the site all day long and so we rely on you to report the offending material to us. Once a post or comment is flagged, one of our moderators will deal with the matter as soon as they are able to do so. We ask that you do not try to become a “mini-mod,” one who acts as a moderator when he or she has no authority to do so. Please know that there is a difference in telling someone they need to stop what they are doing and mini-modding. If you do ask someone to stop doing something, please tell them once in a polite manner and flag the post. We will deal with it from there. If you continue to tell someone to stop, and telling someone they’re breaking every single rule, chances are you are mini-modding.


Here at zpz2010.com, we take our user’s privacy very seriously. We have provided a Privacy Policy in order for you to be able to fully understand what information we collect, how it is used, and what is done with that information. You can view the full and detailed explanation of our policies regarding you and your personal privacy by reading the information provided on this page: Privacy

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By continuing to use zpz2010.com, you accept the terms and conditions listed above. Following these terms and keeping up to date with them is your personal responsibility. We reserve the right to modify or adjust these terms at any time without any prior notice whatsoever. By your continued use of the site, you recognize and accept the terms and conditions of the time. Should a major change be made to these terms, a notice will be given on the main site (zpz2010.com) or via email.