New Release – Brandon Heath – Leaving Eden

Today is the day that our artist of the month, Brandon Heath’s latest album, Leaving Eden is released! His latest album contains eleven great new songs, which includes his recent hit Your Love. Heath returns to the market with a newer sound that has more of a pop feel to it. In my opinion this new sound is great, and a big step forward for Heath. As usual the lyrics to his songs are deep and inspirational. “Headlines read like a warning, we’re under attack / I just waved to a stranger, he didn’t wave back”  These are the opening lines of the headliner of the album, Leaving Eden, and they continue later on with “Teacher is hiding her Bible, but at least she’s got a job / My local Salvation Army just got robbed.” These lyrics really show us that we aren’t in Eden anymore. It really makes you stop to think about the world we live in now and what you can do to change it.

The songs Your Love and Stolen do an excellent job of showing us just how much God loves us. This is quite evident in his song Stolen “You chase me when I run from Your Light / Because you love, You won’t give up / ’til my heart is stolen.” Overall I think that Brandon Heath has reached a new height, and has definitely set a high bar for new album releases this year.

Oh yes, before I forget. You can download the song Leaving Eden for free from two places this week! You can choose to get it from iTickets or NewReleaseTuesday. From iTickets you can also get Godspeed3’s song At Your Feet Mix 2 from their album redeemed. Over at NewReleaseTuesday, you can still get it along with Lecrae’s Overdose and the Songs of Compassion Sampler with 18 free songs.

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