Free Music Friday April 15th

Sorry about the lack of updates lately! We’ll be picking up again soon. Right now I’m working on the forums. Feel free to check it out and start posting. Just click the Forum button in the navigation bar and sign up. Anyways, we’ve got a whole lot of great songs for you this week, get them while you can!

Four Songs From NewReleaseTuesday:

Jonny Diaz, FM Static, Brandon Bee, and Laura Story. Go get them here: The FM Static is only up for a few more days, get it while you can! It really is a great song.

Two songs From iTickets:

Free songs from Worth Dying For’s debut album Love Riot, and another song from New Life Worship.

Six Songs From FreeCCM

Technically four if you already downloaded the songs from Jonny Diaz and Laura Story already. There are four other great songs to download here though. The Choir, David Walker (Catalyst Music Project), Derek Webb, and Cloverton. The song from Cloverton is a great one, definitely check it out!

Free Song + Album (12 songs) From Stars Go Dim

Here’s a free song from Stars Go Dim called Like I Mean It:

And if you don’t already have it, you can get their album Love Gone Mad from their website: Love Gone Mad That’s another twelve songs right there!

Two Free Songs From Third Day

You can get Third Day’s Song Move for free! Just go here: Also, a quick note. It says you must be thirteen to download, but unless you say you’re 18 it won’t let you. Minor glitch with an easy fix, just change the birth year.

And next, you can get the song Make Your Move from JesusFreak Hideout. It’s the fifth song down the list right now. Plenty of other songs there to download too if you haven’t already done so.

Free Philmont Song

You can get the acoustic version of Philmont’s song Closer from tweetforatrackright here: