Andy Zipf Jealous Hands Album Art

Free Music Friday: August 12th, 2011

It looks like it’s time for another Free Music Friday! It feels like I wrote about our last one just the other day; time sure has flown by these past few days! Hopefully we can get you some great new tracks to add to your music library, enough to get you through the first few weeks of school. Not to keep you waiting any longer now, let’s get started!

Andy Zipf – 11 Songs, About 39 Minutes

Are you guys in the mood for some good old folk rock? Well I have an entire album from Andy Zipf that you can pick up for free. It’s definitely worth checking out! Just put in your email address using the form below to get it.

Gungor – 1 Song, 5 Minutes
Well if you keep up with KLOVE Radio’s free music page, you would have seen that there is a free song download from Gungor. The song is called Beautiful Things from the album of the same name. You can pick that up on iTunes by clicking this link. If that doesn’t work, enter this promotional code on iTunes: LPMKA3YT3T3H It only lasts until the 21st so get it while you can!
Matt Maher – 1 Song, About Five Minutes
To pick up this song you will need to be a member, but is well worth it. You can pick up Matt Maher’s song Overflow, from the album of the same name, plus the sheet music for it over at Worship Together.
Sandra McCracken – 13 Songs, About 50 Minutes
Now from Sandra McCracken, you can pick up a sampler of songs from the different albums she has released. There are thirty in all, and it comes out to just under 50 minutes in length. You can get it from the widget below for sharing your email and zip code.

Well that is all I have for you this week, there isn’t too much free music coming out lately. At least not that I have heard of. If you do hear about some free music though, contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comment section! Especially if you’re an artist looking to give away some free music, we’d love to help you out and get your name out there! Be sure to keep checking back, as I know of a few samplers that will be coming out in the coming weeks (and months)!

So this week we have 26 free songs for you. Added up, it’s about an hour and 40 minutes or so. We’ve had longer but the music we have for you today is still pretty great! Definitely check out everything on here, and check out our other Free Music Friday posts for any songs you might have missed.