Free Music Friday February 18th

Welcome to a new feature of which I like to call, Free Music Friday. Today I have some great free music for you guys to get. What I’ll do is just give you the link and a brief description of what’s inside and what you have to do. Are you ready? This week we have a bunch of great music, again, free of charge, and it is 100% legal downloads. It would be kind of dumb for a Christian site to give illegal downloads don’t you think? Well anyways let’s get going so you can build up that music library of yours!

Free From Family Christian Stores’ FB – 10 Songs

First up we have ten free songs from Family Christian Stores! This one is simple and it will get you some great music from people like Chasen, Addison Road, 33miles, Stellar Kart and more! What you have to do is simple, just “like” their Facebook page! Then go ahead and download your free music! I’m not sure how long this will last so get it while you can! Click Here To Go Get It!

Free From – 7 Songs (Reality LA Music)

Now we have a free album from Reality LA Music. This is their second album, and although it has been out for free for a while now, you can start getting it from Come & Live starting today! Just click here and press download, it’s that easy! Plus, has plenty of other great albums for you to download while you’re there! Just click here to see them.

Free From AmazonMP3 – 4 Songs + 2 Videos (Abandon Kansas)

This one has been around since about the 7th of this month, and it won’t be there much longer so be sure to download it right away! Here we have four free songs and two music videos from Abandon Kansas. Get them by clicking here, and clicking “Get Album.”

Free From SET APART – 3 Songs

I just heard the music these guys make today and it’s pretty good! It’s heavier stuff but not super-heavy. If ¬†you like Sent By Ravens then I think that you’ll probably like these guys too! You can listen to their music and get it for free (or donate if you want) by clicking right here. Just put in “0” as your price (or like I said, donate if you want), put in your email, follow the instructions, and enjoy!

Free from & FB – 2 Songs (I Am Empire) + Others

Alright, for our final one we have the song Saints & Sinners from I Am Empire. Their one of Tooth & Nail Records latest sign-ons and they sound amazing. If you’re an Anberlin fan you’ll love these guys. Just go to this page and download this song, plus several other previous downloads are still available. Also, you can still get an acoustic version of the song “Foxhole” by “liking” their Facebook page which you can find right here: Just click here and enjoy.

Well that’s all I have for you today. In total, that’s 28 songs, and if you count the music videos, 29! That’s a lot of free music right there! Well what are you waiting for? Go get your free music!