Free Music Friday – June 17, 2011

This week we have a pretty good deal of music for you. We have songs from Hyland, Ivoryline, Underoath, Jeremy Camp, Icon For Hire, I Am Empire, Demon Hunter, and so many more! Well let’s just dive right in now.

36 Free Songs From Tooth And Nail Records By Various Artists

You can pick up 36, yes, 36 songs from You’ll then come to a screen with three different samplers – one from Tooth And Nail, one from Solid State Records, and the third from BEC Recordings. Just like each page you want to download the sampler from, and click the download button. As far as I know only two songs were doubled, The Cheval Glass by Emery and Paper Lung by Underoath. Those are both on the T&N and SS samplers. A large selection of songs here, definitely worth getting.

12 Free Songs From PureVolume By The Canvas Waiting

So The Canvas Waiting is an alternative rock band out of the great state of Texas, and you can grab 12 free songs off of their PureVolume page right now. I just learned about these guys, they were featured on the PureVolume homepage, and I think they’re pretty good. Go take a listen (there’s a Youtube video that will automatically start playing on the page, just a quick heads up), they are pretty good.

1 Free Song From iTunes By Owl City

I told you guys about this a few days ago, you can grab Owl City’s single from their latest album All Things Bright And Beautiful on iTunes right now. It will only be up for a few more days (until Tuesday) so grab it while you still can! It’s a funny and catchy little song, and definitely worth downloading if you’re still debating on whether or not to buy the album. Get it on iTunes now.

1 Free Song From KLOVE By Sidewalk Prophets

You can pick up Sidewalk Prophet’s song The Words I Would Say for free on iTunes right now courtesy of KLOVE Radio. Just head over to KLOVE’s Free Music Page and click the “Get it free on iTunes” button, or simply go into iTunes and apply this code:¬†KJ3JMYE93AR6

1 Free Song From GodTube By Casting Crowns

To celebrate the release of the upcoming movie “Courageous” you can pick up a free song from Casting Crowns and check out the ¬†debut of the official music video on GodTube. You’ll need to make or have an account first to download it. The activation email took a few minutes to arrive for me, but it’s well worth it. Go check out the video, and grab your free song!

2 Free Songs From NewReleaseTuesday By Various Artists

NewReleaseTuesday has two new free songs up this week, Overcome by Out Of Hiding and Alive by Nate Fowler on their free music page. I haven’t gotten them yet though so I can’t give you my opinion on them. You can let us know what you think in the comment section below though!


So this week we have 53 free songs for you! I believe that’s our second highest total so far. Hopefully that will be enough to cover you until next week! Don’t forget to let us know about any free music you find in the comment section or on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to share it!