Free Music Friday – June 3, 2011

Time for another Free Music Friday! Let’s see what I have for you this week shall we? Hopefully each of you will find at least a few songs that you will like. Well let’s get started now, shall we?

iTunes – 1 Song By Royal Tailor

This week be sure to check out iTunes’ discovery download. The featured artist is new band Royal Tailor, and the song is called Black & White. It’s worth checking out!

Catalyst Conference – 31 Songs By Various Artists

So there aren’t too many artists I have heard about before on this. It has Lecrae, Daniel Bashta, Gungor, and Sons & Daughters who I have heard about before. I really like a few of the guys I haven’t heard before, including the song Dust to Gold by Arrows to Athens. And The Autumn Film’s song Mended reminded me a bit of Deas Vail. How to get it? Just fill out this contest entry form: Catalyst Conference That simple, plus there’s a ton of other free material there as well besides tunes.

NewReleaseTuesday – 5 Songs By Various Artists

So over at NewReleaseTuesday you can get five songs for free. One of them is from our buddy Dakota Green, it’s only available until the 6th though so get it while you can! They also have songs from Newsong, Everlife, Jonathan Lee, and Andy Kirk. Go get them while you can! NRT Free Music Page

iTickets – 2 Songs By The City Harmonic and Konviction

So now what does iTickets have for us? Well they have The City Harmonic’s hit song Manifesto as well as Konviction’s song Blood Bought. Get them here.

16 Songs From The Rocket Summer

So Bryce Avary is giving away a live acoustic album consisting of 16 great songs! The album is titled Bryce Avary, His Instruments and Your Voices. The Rocket Summer is a great band worth checking out, and you can do that by getting this album. That he includes the audience is singing along on the album is even greater – it gives you a great concert experience. Download is easy, just go here and on the right you’ll see the download:

Gotee Records – Three Songs By House of Heroes, Jamie Grace, And Abandon Kansas

Pretty simple for this, just like Gotee Records on Facebook and go to click their BandPage tab. Here’s a link for it: Gotee Records – Free Music Some great songs there for you to enjoy. Just click the download button next to the track. Might take you a little to find it if you’re new to it though.

Mono Vs Stereo – 2 Songs By Deas Vail & Denison Witmer

So this one is just like the previous one for Gotee Records, just like Mono Vs Stereo’s page on Facebook and go to their BandPage tab and download your free songs! The songs are Cages by Deas Vail, and Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall by Denison Witmer. Get them here.

Free From K-Love – 1 Song By Royal Tailor

Almost forgot about this one, K-Love has a free iTunes download of Royal Tailor’s song Hold Me Together. Here’s the download code if you’d rather just go that way:  FJYEPR4EY49A If you don’t know how to use that then just go to the K-Love page and click the “Get it free on iTunes” button. K-Love Free Music


Alright so that’s it for this Friday, let’s see what we have here… 61 Free and legal Christian music downloads! If you know about any free Christian music out there, let me know in the comment box below or on our Facebook or Twitter page. Have a good weekend and a great summer!