Free Music Friday March 25th

Been a little while since I’ve done this, well don’t worry, I’ve got some more great and free (and legal!) music downloads for you guys! It’s just a little bit less than what we had for you last time, but hopefully you won’t mind. Well let’s get started now!

Free Song From Newsboys – 1 Song (Newsboys)

Have you guys heard of the latest album from Newsboys yet, Born Again: Miracles Edition? Want a free song from it? Well today’s your lucky day! You can get Newsboys’s song Save Your Life by clicking here. Just press the download button on the orange banner, then fill in your name and email and press the download/submit button. Bam! You’re done and you have an awesome new song for your music library.

Free Song From iTickets – 1 Song (Josh Wilson)

Now here’s a song from Josh Wilson, via Just click here and get your free download of How to Fall from his album, See You.

Free From Building 429 – 1 Song (Building 429)

A free download without needing to leave How convenient!

Free From Hot Topic/Tweet For A Track – 1 Song (Anberlin)

You have two options for getting this song, which is We Owe This To Ourselves from their latest album Dark is the Way, Light is a Place. The first one is via Hot Topic which has a slightly higher quality MP3, and then there is via Tweet For A Track. You’ll need a Hot Topic or Twitter account respectively to download it. Personally I would just go through Tweet For A Track, it’s much faster and easier than through Hot Topic. The choice is yours though.

Free From Facebook – 1 Song (Manic Drive)

I heard about this one from (check them out!) It sounds like OneRepublic almost. The song is called Closer, and you can get it by liking their Facebook page which you can find by clicking here.

Free From – 1 Song (The Afters)

What? You think we’re almost done? Wrong! Now right here I have a link for a free song from The Afters’s album Light Up the Sky. You can get the song Life is Sweeter for free from Walmart’s MP3 store right here.

Free From Facedown Records – 17 Songs! (Facedown Fest 2011 Sampler)

Now you’re going to have to wait a little while to download these, next Tuesday the 29th of March to be exact. Facedown Records, if you’re not familiar with them, is a hardcore punk and metalcore music label. You can listen to the samples on Amazon (where the download is going to be) by clicking this link.

Free From iTunes – 1 Song (Art of Dying)

I don’t know if these guys are Christian or not, but I think this is a pretty good song you guys should check out. The song is called Die Trying and you can get it for free from iTunes right here.

Free From iTunes – 1 Song (The City Harmonic)

Well here’s the last one I have for you guys! The song is called Manifesto, by The City Harmonic. I’ve had this one for a long time now, but if you don’t already have it use this iTunes code to get it for free! Here it is: TP4NAT69P4YF

Well that wraps this one up! So today on March 25th we just showed you 25 free music downloads! That should be enough to hold you over until next time I hope. Enjoy your new music and don’t forget to share it with your friends!