Jon Foreman Confirms Anberlin/Switchfoot Fall Tour

Today in an interview with Adrian Hummel, Jon Foreman confirmed that Switchfoot will tour with Anberlin in the United States this Fall. Jon also discussed the upcoming album, set to be released half-way through the tour. Here’s a quick excerpt from the interview:

Adrian Hummel: Ok, because I know you do stuff for Huffington Post and I see some of the inspiration behind your songs, and I was thinking he needs to just write a book. You guys just also announced some UK dates, how often are you flying? Are you on the airplane every other day?

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot: These days we are on the airplanes a lot, and lets just say we got some frequent flyers and, some mileage racking up. We just did an Australia/South Pacific tour, a run across Canada and now we are back in the home sweet home USA. It’s great man and I love it. This fall we are going out with Anberlin for a US tour, that’s going to be a blast we love those guys. It’s fun, I love San Diego but I love what we do and I love to be on the road. Tonight we are going to hang out with some friends that are on Warped Tour. Passing through you get to see all sorts of friends you don’t get to see that often. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Adrian Hummel: Anberlin, is a band that has taken off the last two years so it’s good to see you team up with them.

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot: Yeah man I love those guys, we have been friends with them for a long time and actually half way through that tour we are going to release a new record like you said Vice Verses so we are going to have some new songs to play, I can’t wait.

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