New Artist Watch – ToryCreek EP

So today after Church and a meeting I checked my email and got an email from someone from Well I checked it out and I listened to their EPK which they recently released. I don’t want to end up giving it all away here, so well, you can go ahead and read my review of it now!

First Impressions

Well along with the email I had a link to go listen to their album. My first thoughts were “Wow, this is really good.” For the longest time, I would only listen to country music. Nothing else. It’s been a while now since I’ve listened to country music, and I haven’t heard much Christian Country-esque music before so this was a nice change. Although it’s only three songs, TonyCreek’s self-titled EP is a good one with an inspirational message.

Lyrics 4

I always love to see when an artist writes their own song lyrics. Trevor does an excellent job of doing this. The lyrics for this album are very well done and are inspirational at the same time. My personal favorite is the song Bid Me Come. It opens “Somebody said if you want to walk on water you’ve got to get out of the boat!” and it builds into the chorus “All I want to do is find my place in your will.” The song Choose to Believe is just as good. One of my favorite lines from it is “When best laid plans turn to rubble on the ground, don’t simply grieve choose to believe.” Overall I think they are very good lyrics, and the fact they write them themselves is even better. It’s just shows how passionate they are about their music, and their love for God.

Vocals 3.5

I think that they did an excellent job on vocals, although I do think it seems to be missing something. I think that he and his wife did an amazing job together on the song Choose to Believe and I was a bit disappointed he didn’t have as big a part as he did on the other songs. In the In the future I would like to see some more vocal work from Trevor. Apart they both sound great, but I think they sound even better together and I believe their songs would sound even better if they performed together. Darla and Trevor both have great voices and although they don’t really expect to make it big, I think that the Lord has big plans for these two.

Music 4.5

In addition to writing their own song lyrics, the two also write their own music. This is a big plus, and just makes their songs sound so much better. My favorite, no doubt, is the song Choose to Believe. The song Bid Me Come sounds great as well although it doesn’t seem to quite match up with Darla in some spots, primarily in the intro. Following this though thins start to match up much better and the song still comes out fantastically. Lastly we have the song Building on the Rock (HonkyTonk Version). Personally this is my least favorite. It just seems to sound to far off from the other songs (sort of like what I explained with Par Avion EP a while back). Although they still do a good job, I don’t really think this is their style. I would have preferred to have another song like Choose to Believe. Like I said though, it’s still good; I just would have preferred something a little different.

Overall Impressions 4

So overall I’m going to give this album four stars out of five. Not bad for their debut release! I think that they did a fantastic job and I’m hoping that we’ll be hearing more from them in the future. Like I said a little while ago, although they don’t really think they’ll make it “big,” I think that we’ll definitely be hearing more from them in the future! Their self-titled EP is out on iTunes now which you can listen to some samples from, and purchase the album by clicking here: Bid Me Come – ToryCreek It’s just under three dollars and I’m sure you’ll love it.