We Are The Echo Of Love – Review

Today I am going to be reviewing another great album, one which you can also get for free from the artist! This album is We Are the Echo of Love, and it comes from the group known as An Epic, No Less. If you want to pick it up to listen for yourself, you can do so here: Click Here Then just click Buy Now, put your price as 0 (or if you want to donate, another amount), then fill in the information required and enjoy your download! It it truly an epic album, and I recommend getting it. It has eight songs, and the entire album is just shy of being 33 minutes in length.

First Impressions

I will admit, this was pretty different for me. It is “Gospelectronica,” Gospel music with an electronic twist to it. When I first played it I was blown away.┬áThe entire album reminds me of Owl City with a hint of Chasen and The Rocket Summer. It’s hard to explain it; but trust me, it is great. The music seemed a little odd at first since as I said, I had never really listened to songs of the electriconica genre, but after just a minute or two that feeling vanished and I couldn’t stop playing the album. Before I reset my iTunes play counts, I had listened to each song between one and two hundred times within about a month or so. This really isn’t an album you want to miss out on and I recommend you download it from the link I gave earlier.

Lyrics 5

The lyrics for this album are sheerly brilliant, deeply moving and inspirational. These are the kind of lyrics that will inspire you to go out and shout to the world your love for the Lord; they are the lyrics that you’ll never want to leave your head; they are the lyrics that will inspire you when you’re down and out; these are the lyrics you want to hear. There are six original songs along with a cover of In Christ Alone and Greatness of Our God. By far, my favorite lyrics on this album are those to The Love of God; absolutely beautiful, catchy, and the meaning is so great. Really, all of these songs are just amazing and you really need to listen to them. I’m giving this a perfect five.

Vocals 5

The vocals on this album are great as well. They are pretty similar to those of Owl City, so if you are a fan of them, you are sure to love this album too. They have little interview video on their myspace with clips of them performing live and I am impressed by how close it sounds to the album. Really I don’t even think I found any differences between the two. I am really impressed with the vocals on all of them, a lot of emotion comes through and you can just tell that they mean what sing. This is a huge plus in my opinion. In my opinion, the best song vocally is We Need You. This song shows the most emotion in my eyes, and Todd and the rest of the group does a fantastic job singing it.

Music 5

For the final area of the review, I’m giving this one another perfect five. The piano and percussion (and violin when present) blend together in perfect harmony, ultimately creating the perfect compliment to the amazing lyrics. They may take some getting used to, but more than likely they will start to grown on you as they did with me. The sounds of the instruments playing goes right along with the lyrics if you listen closely. I especially noticed this when I was listening to One Word and The Love of God. Many times the music and vocals will go with each other, but at the same time they don’t really “go.” It’s not easy to explain here, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The songs on this album don’t have this problem though. Everything seems to go perfectly with one another.

Overall Impression 5

There will be an album that you listen to, that changes you forever. This was one of those albums for me. I first got this one just a while after I started to make the switch from the mainstream secular music glorifying the unglorifiable (Yes I made that word up), that which deserves no glory. This album really helped show me that a song doesn’t have to be unholy or unclean to be great. This really helped me make the jump over to Christian Music and I praise the group for the great work they have done. “We have spent a lot of time in the past doing things to promote ourselves. We have since decided to make music that promotes someone bigger than our own egos and ambitions.” – This is a quote from their MySpace page, and I think this is something we should all do with our lives. Stop glorifying ourselves and the unglorifiable, instead, praise ye the Lord.

Artist: An Epic No Less

Label: Unsigned

Genre: Electronica, Pop, Praise and Worship