Par Avion EP – Review

Today I am going to be doing a review of an EP from High Flight Society called Par Avion. That’s French for “By Air” in case you were wondering. This is a fantastic EP, containing four songs lasting just under 13 minutes in total length. You are currently able to get this album for free (legally of course) from NoiseTrade. Click Here then put in your email and zip code, then click next and you’l get your download! It may not be free forever, so get it while you can!

First Impressions

Well first impressions for this album. This album is certainly different – in a good way though. The whole feel of it is just fantastic. The vocals are great and I think this belongs in any music lover’s collection. It has a rock/punk rock feel to it, but trust me, even if you are not a big fan of rock, take a listen; you will be surprised. In addition we have the acoustic song Come On Sister which I will admit, seems almost a little out of place on the album considering the other songs, but is still great nonetheless. As I mentioned, you are able to get this EP for free from NoiseTrade just for exchanging a little bit of information. So go ahead and download it, there is nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.

Lyrics 5

The lyrics to these songs are simply fantastic, and the way they are able to flow with the music is simply beautiful. In Run From Yesterday we can hear the power chords and riffs go perfectly with every word, especially in the lines “Your life is more than what you’ve done / You can’t hold on forever / I hope you know it’s time to let this go.” The lyrics of all the songs, especially Inhaling a Bullet and Come on Sister, are very deep and meaningful. Overall they have done an excellent job here and I’ll give them a perfect five.

Vocals 3

The vocals on here are good, don’t get me wrong, but they leave something to be desired. In Give It Up and Run From Yesterday, it shows plenty of emotion, but I just don’t feel the same sense of emotion in Inhaling a Bullet and Come On Sister. I would have really loved to see this same great quality in their other songs, they are able to put them out very well which is what initially drew me to their music. As I said before, Come On Sister is a great song, but I’m not a huge fan on the vocals. It just does not seem to fit the band – or the musical style of the band really – in my opinion. I would have preferred to have had another song like Sweet Redeemer or Time is Running Out on this. Songs like these seem to be their specialty, and I think they should stick to them.

Music 4

Overall I really do like the musical style of this album, but Come On Sister just seems to throw it off. We have a great rock sound in the other songs, and then we have a slower and repetitious acoustic song Come on Sister. Quite honestly, the music is a bit irritating in this song and I don’t listen to it very much, according to iTunes I’ve played it seven times so far. Songs like Inhaling a Bullet and Give it Up have an amazingly superb rock sound to them and I think Come On Sister could have sounded much better if it had a musical style similar to this, or that of Run From Yesterday.

Overall 4

So overall this EP gets a four out of five stars. They have an excellent style and I would love to hear more from them in the near future. In my opinion, HFS needs to keep moving forward with songs like Inhaling a Bullet, Run From Yesterday, and Give it Up. Songs like these seem to be their specialty, they have done an amazing job with them. I would have appreciated it some more if this had been a full album instead of just an EP as their music is great and I would love to add more to my collection, but I suppose some is better than none. It is definitely worth the price ( FREE! ) and I would recommend it to any of my friends who happen to be looking to expand their music library. “The title translates from French to “by air.” The term is typically stamped on packages being sent by airmail. While the title aptly fits with the band’s name, it was chosen more for the new direction the music has taken.” – This quote is from their website and I must say that it fits their EP perfectly. I’m looking forward to their next new album which I hope will continue to grow and improve as this one has.

Artist: High Flight Society

Label: Independent

Genre: Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative, Acoustic