Review of Nine Lashes' World We View

Review of Nine Lashes’ World We View

Nine Lashes is one of Tooth And Nail Records’ newer artists, and somewhat recently released their debut album with their new record company. I’m glad to review that album, World We View, today for you guys.

Opening up the album is Anthem of the Lonely, the first single off the album. It’s a powerful song to open up the album with, giving a good idea up front of how the album is going to sound. According to the band’s website, the song is a description of the band’s beliefs, that one should stand for what they believe in even when they are alone in their beliefs. Overall the song is far from what one would have expected from a newer band. The lyrics are put together well as is the music.

The Intervention follows up, continuing on the similar sound the opening track suggested the album would have. It keeps with the rock sound reminiscent of that of Sent By Ravens, Red, and Thousand Foot Krutch. This track then leads into Get Back, the second single on the album. Overall this song is much more energetic than the two previous tracks. The chorus is catchy, and the song continues with the  message of the album of staying true to yourself and your beliefs in the lyrics “Get back to where you once believed, get back, get back / You want so bad to bury me, get back, get back” . Overall this is probably the most powerful song on the album, and my personal favorite.

The album slows with the next track, Afterglow, which is very similar to something Thousand Foot Krutch, FM Static, or even Red would do with one of their rock ballads. It’s quite good, and the band does quite well on this song. Adrenaline continues on with this similar TFK/FM Static feel even more so with Trevor McNevan featured on the vocals. Still though, despite the similarities, the band is able to produce a special kind of uniqueness with their music.

Believe Your Eyes follows and slows the album down again some. I was surprised the band didn’t choose this as the closing track for the album, it has a sort of “epic” feel to it and I feel it would have wrapped up the album nicely. Jeremy does amazing on the vocals in this track, and the rest of the band excels with the instrumentation for it. I feel like this is sure to be another fan favorite.

The energy and power that the album opened with reappears with the next track, Our Darkest Day. Just when the listener felt like the album was drawing to a close, they get slapped in the face with pure rock at it’s finest. The song is accentuated with some screaming vocals by Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter, fitting well with the lyrics “Today’s when I will …. Scream / My lungs will break under my strain / All the way, all the way into your dreams” .

Memo continues afterwards, slowly rising and falling in energy keeping the listener well entertained. Overall the song is put together well and leads nicely into the next track, Write This Down. Although it is the shortest song on the album, this is one of the most powerful songs on the album. The chorus is especially powerful and catchy, and helps the song in capturing the listeners attention before the album begins to draw toward a close.

The Void isn’t quite as powerful or as memorable as the previous song, yet it still holds its own on the album. It leads nicely into the acoustic closer of the album, My Friend. Although I think that Believe Your Eyes would have made a better album closer, I think that this song does the job nicely. The song is able to effectively showcase Jeremy’s vocal talents. It closes the album well, and ties the songs in together well.

Overall, I think that Nine Lashes is a band to keep an eye on. If this album is any indicator of what is to come, they’re definitely a band to be following for their next release. Fans of bands like Red, Sent by Ravens, Thousand Foot Krutch, and FM Static are sure to love these guys. They present a unique and powerful sound while projecting a positive message to their listeners. I’d give these guys 4.5 stars out of 5 on this album.