Review Of My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go

Review Of My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go

So I actually heard about FM Static’s latest album only a few days before it came out. So I was already behind. Then I was lucky enough to find out the album had come out a day early on Guvera! But I found out the next day, after I spent my credits. Since Guvera is amazing though I was able to stream the album. First thoughts, “Wow, this is a lot different than what I usually listen to. But it’s good. Really good.”

Now for those of you that know my musical tastes, great, you’re paying attention. For those who don’t, I’m a rock and alternative fan. Anberlin, Emery, 30 Seconds to Mars, Switchfoot, those guys. Before yesterday (when I finally got the album) I owned, oh, two songs by FM Static. It’s not that I didn’t like them, but just that I liked my other bands a bit more. Ah, well let’s just get on to the review now.

So how does FM Static open up their new album? In an amazing way that all great bands should. With a cowbell. In all seriousness now, FM Static’s opening song, which is also named My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go, really is an amazing opening to the album. It’s a catchy song bound to get stuck in your head, and that’s good.

The next track, although a real burden to type out, is amazing as well.  This one is definitely one of my favorite songs off the album. The song is called F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C. “What’s up with all those periods? Are they cheerleaders or something?” That’s what you’re thinking right? Well that’s because the song opens up with a cheer leader chant of the band’s name. This is a really high energy track with some great guitar riffs. The lines “If you want to then just / let go if you wanna let go / stop moving on to what you used to be / ’cause yesterdays are no use to me” are catchy and serve as a source of inspiration as well.

The next two songs, are personally my least favorite on the album. (Hey) I Want It is a major disappointment lyrically speaking. The “Hey, Hey, I want it, want itlines take up just under half of the song. Twenty-two lines of that will get annoying. In my opinion it’s a track you can skip. The next song although my second to least favorite song is far better and a song you should still get. Personally I’m not a fan of the vocal stylings on this track for the most part, this is an amazing song lyrically. Like I said, I’m a fan of more upbeat and harder music. This song is still great and is a must-have.

U Don’t Know Me Like That is another great and upbeat song. Although it’s about those people that say you’re “homies” but are really “so phony,” it also raises the question, “How am I treating others?” Am I just putting on a show? Are we acting with such great pride, “thinking that you’re better” than others? So now, what do you get when you combine Anberlin’s songs Retrace and Younglife, then give it a FM Static twist? Well you get the next song on the album Cinnamon & Lipstick. This is a great song about having faith and hope, “we all had our struggles / but faith kept us strong and / we always knew we would / end up right here,” and of wishing that “we could go back.” Ultimately it’s going to be those struggles in our lives that we persevere through that we’ll remember the most. And a lot of the time, we want to go back and relive them. This song is about that. Yet another amazing song from FM Static.

Black Tattoo is the next track on the album. The name of the song gives a pretty good clue of what the song is going to be about. As the song opens with the lines “She’s got this picture in her head of leaving / feels like there’s nothing left, for no good reason / how could he hit her, she’s wasn’t born a quitter / and she never deserved to be treated like that” you are quickly pulled into it. It’s a song of encouragement and of her turning away from the past. This seems to be a strong and driving force of the album. Leaving the worst behind us, and remembering the great things we’ve experienced. I must say though this song is eerily similar to Nickelback in my opinion. Despite how much I despise the majority of Nickelback’s songs, I do like this song. The chorus of the song is my favorite part of it:

I’m not afraid to be who I am
‘Cause nobody told me that I couldn’t be that
I wanna scream like it’s never been said
But mean it like a black tattoo
And I don’t wanna care about what everyone says
I don’t wanna live inside a past that’s dead
I wanna touch down where miracles live
And show it like a black tattoo

Now the next song is called Last Train Home and is another of my favorite songs on this album. I seem to have a lot of favorites on this album don’t I? The drum beat works very well with the soft piano in this song, and sets a great mood and tone for the song. This is undoubtedly one of FM Static’s best songs yet and a must buy.

Well I suppose it’s about time I tell you my number one favorite on the album. Well that’s the next track which is the song Breaking Me Again. I have read tons of reviews on this album, and this song seems to get the least attention. Why though? I do not know. This song is a great one which continues the album’s theme of moving forward with hope and faith. I believe that this songs deserves much more attention that it does, and would be the first song I would recommend to anyone who could not get the entire album.

Lastly, the song Inside Out closes up the album on a slower note. Personally I would have liked a more upbeat ending to the album, something along the lines of F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C. or Cinnamon & Lipstick. The song is greatly written though, and I do like the music. I would have still preferred a more energetic ending to the album though.

So overall I think this is a fantastic album. For the most part the songs are well written, but the overuse of “oh’s” and “oooh’s” and the seemingly never ending repetition of “hey, hey I want it, want it” – in the song (Hey) I Want It of course – really takes away from the enjoyment of the albums. I would like to see the continued lyrical depth of songs like the title track, Cinnamon & Lipstick, Black Tattoo, Last Train Home, and Breaking Me Again. I’ll give this album three and a half stars overall.

Best Songs In My Opinion:

1) Breaking Me Again

2) Cinnamon & Lipstick

3) My Brain Says Stop But My Heart Says Go