Review of Red’s End Of Silence

Red - End Of SilenceSo far we have reviewed Red’s latest two albums, the deluxe edition of Innocence & Instinct as well as Until We Have Faces. Today I’m going to be reviewing Red’s debut album, End Of Silence. This album was released back on June 6th of 2006, and would reach the 194th spot on the Billboard 200 – no easy feat for a debut album! End Of Silence would later also be nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, and win a Dove Award for Rock Album of the Year at the 38th Annual GMA Dove Awards.

The album starts out with a quick intro, which for the most part is an amazing instrumental work. It leads fairly well into Breathe Into Me, one of the bands most popular songs. Michael does an excellent job on vocals with some well placed screams, and the chunky-sounding power chords work well with them. Let Go follows up and starts on an eerie note, it slowly builds up into a pretty decent rock song. The strings give the song a unique sound, and produce an amazing exit for the song. The vocals – especially in the first few lines in the first verse specifically – could have used some work though.

Already Over is an amazing song, one of the best songs on the album. The song almost has a Linkin Park-like sound and vibe to it. Once again Barnes does an excellent job on vocals, and the strings and piano accompany the electric guitars nicely. Lost, although it has impressive vocals and instrumental work, is one of the weakest songs on the album in my opinion. The two are great apart, but just don’t seem to flow right together. The track was primarily supposed to serve as a segue between Lost and Pieces though I suppose, so you can’t expect too much from it.

Pieces is by far the best song on the album, and is one of Red’s best songs to date. The acoustic and piano driven rock ballad is just an amazing song overall, and is one that you have to listen to. The track leads into Break Me Down, a powerful rock song which as the band has explained is about asking God to “break us down, so He can build us up into who we really should be.”

Wasting Time, I think, is one of Red’s more underrated songs. Barnes does a great job on vocals, especially on the screams. The song also leads well into Gave It All Away, definitely one of the best and most powerful songs on the album. Michael once again impresses with his vocals, and with the amazing instrumental work, it works itself out into being a passionate song.

Hide is one of the few songs on this album that really didn’t impress me too much. Although I did appreciate the intro, the strings worked together well the the guitar and piano, the song seemed to be too busy and run together in some places. Other than that though it’s a good song.

Already Over Pt. 2 is an interesting piece of work. If one isn’t listening carefully, they might just think this is a drawn-out acoustic version of the song Already Over. Upon careful listening though one can see that it is the resolution to its predecessor. As I mentioned in my review of The Classic Crime’s Albatross, I think that the final track of the album should tie up the album, summarizing it and providing something to think about. This track fulfills that greatly.

Red’s debut album is an amazing one, very impressive. With it they set a name for themselves very early on, setting a high bar which they have gone beyond with each of their new releases. I only expect for the band to get better with time, and you can count on that as they have shown this time and time again. I’m giving this one four stars out of five.