Review of Red’s Until We Have Faces

Red Until We Have FacesSo Today I’m going to be doing a review of a great album which came out earlier this month.  Until We Have Faces is Christian Rock group Red’s third album, which is hard to believe once you listen to it. On the day of its release, Until We Have Faces reached number one on iTunes, and it would peak at number two on the Billboard 200. The album pulls it’s name and theme from majorly from the book Till We Have Faces by Christian author, C.S. Lewis. Until We Have Faces shows the listener of our dependence on God and the hollowness of our lives without Him.

I had been listening to the album for a while now on Spotify and Youtube, and I decided to go ahead and purchase it. I bought one half last week, and when I got my Amazon card yesterday, I bought the second half. It’s really an outstanding album, but I suppose I have rambled enough now and I’ll just get started with my review.

The album opens up with a heavier track, Feed the Machine. It’s a great song with a catchy chorus, and has some great music to go with it. With some well-placed screams, and some growl-like vocals, this song makes a great rock song, overall an excellent way to start off the album. The following track, Faceless, was Red’s first single from the new album, and it does not disappoint. Faceless is an amazing song about what I explained in the intro, our dependence on God and just how empty we are without Him near us. The next song, Lie to Me (Denial) is one of my favorite songs off the album. It has a great intro, and the chorus is one that is easily rememberable and it’s one that I’m sure many of us could relate to in some way or another.

Well the next song, Let It Burn, is my favorite song off the album by far. The song is one I can relate to easily, although I’m not going to go into details here. “Will you stand when it all burns down? / Will you love when it all burns down? / Will it end when it all burns down? / Will you just let it all burn down?” is a call to action. Are you just going to stand around “when it all burns down?” Are you going to love when it all burns down? Will you give up? Are you going to let it burn down? Or are you going to get up and do something about it? This song is an inspirational one, and I think one of Red’s best songs thus far.

Buried Beneath is a song that I think goes right with Let It Burn, especially these few lines: “I built this house on the shore / all I wanted was more / but I felt the sand start shifting / I saw the cracks in the walls / I painted over them all / I tried my best to just ignore / I can’t ignore.” Listening to the lyrics, one can see it as a call to God for His help, echoing the album’s theme of our dependence on Him. Not Alone can obviously be seen as a response from God to these calls for help. Although I do like the song, I don’t think that it’s style fit in where it did. One could compare it as a speed-bump in the album between the two heavier songs Buried Beneath and Watch You Crawl.

Watch you Crawl is a heavier song, which you have to admit, you wouldn’t really think is a Christian song if you haven’t heard the rest of the album already. It goes with the following track, The Outside, both of which can be seen as one’s inner battle spiritually, between good and evil. These are some great rock songs right here, although Watch You Crawl doesn’t seem to stand out compared to the rest of the album. It is one of those songs that you sometimes don’t even realize have played already when you’re just listening to the album.

Who We Are can be seen as a sequel of sorts to Faceless. “We can be who we are / Now we are alive / We can fight they cannot contain us / It’s who we are / We are undying / We are forever”  The next track The Best Is Yet To Come, almost seems to have a Daughtry feel to it. I’m a Daughtry fan though so it’s all good by me. The track is an uplifting one, and I think that it also fits with the band’s future. I think that if Red continues to advance as they have in the past, then surely the best of their music is yet to come.

Lastly the album closes with the track, Hymn for the Missing. This is another slower, and softer track, which will most likely remind some of their song Pieces. It gives the album an ending of epic proportions, and at the same time, it allows the for a good opening into Feed the Machine if you set the album to repeat. The song was written in mind with a friend of the band who had strayed from the Lord. The song provides an inspirational message to him and to any others who may feel as if they have strayed from Him, that they will find God’s never ending love.


So to conclude, I think that Red has really outdone themselves again with this album. I’m going to give it 4.5 stars out 5. Red is always getting better and better with each album, and this one was no exception. In the future I’m hoping to hear many more great songs from them, especially songs similar to Feed the Machine, Lie to Me, Let It Burn, Buried Beneath, and Watch You Crawl. These were some fantastic songs, and they have become some of my favorite songs of all time. I would definitely recommend this album to someone looking for some new music, especially if they happen to be fans of rock music.

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