Review of Switchfoot's Vice Verses

Review of Switchfoot’s Vice Verses

Switchfoot - Vice Verses CoverToday I have the pleasure to review what I believe is going to be one of the best – if not the best – album of the year. The album is 12 tracks long, and a little over 52 minutes in length. Switchfoot’s “Vice Verses” is an amazing album which features a new sound which Switchfoot fans are bound to love. Well let’s get going!

The album kicks off with a strong start with the inspiring and crunchy guitar chord driven song Afterlife. The song puts the listener in a good mood straight away, throwing in their familiar sound with a bit of newness mixed in. The chorus of the song is incredibly catchy, and is greatly written. In my opinion this is one of the best songs off the new album.

Next up is The Original, probably the poppiest song off the new album. It is sure to get fans excited for the rest of the album. I really love the guitar solo on this song, excellent work. The vocals are great also, Tim’s occasional vocals in the song line up nicely with Jon’s to make a powerful song.

The War Inside: Although the lyrics may seem repetitive to some, the song is bound to become one of the most popular simply because it’s an anthem song. It’s motivating to the listener and gives them a burst in energy. The building up in the song musically is really great, the piano gives the song an amazing sound. It makes the listener think that something, something is about to happen. Not sure what it is, but something amazing is about to happen. This is one of my favorite songs from Switchfoot, and there is no doubt that this will be a huge single if they ever release it as one (which I’m sure they will).

Restless is the song which Switchfoot sent out to the CCM stations across the nation. It is an amazingly written song, and is just breathtaking. As usual, Jon Foreman shows off his sensational poetic writing style. “Running hard for the infinite / With the tears of saints and hypocrites” Jon cries out, the song displaying his restlessness in looking for God. Yet another great song.

Up next is Blinding Light, one of the songs exhibiting that new sound we have heard so much about. The chorus of the song is simply great, as is the instrumental work on the song. Although I would not consider this to be one of my favorite songs off of “Vice Verses” , I think that this is a great song and I look forward to hearing the rest of the album and it’s new sound.

Without a doubt Selling The News is different. It is politically incorrect. The vocals are unlike anything Jon has ever done – Selling The News as Jon said, is the closest to rapping to has ever done. Any Switchfoot fan will ask themselves “Is this Switchfoot?” The song is entirely fresh and I really like it. In addition to this, the song is undoubtedly honest and represent the lack of faith in the modern media which so many have. The bridge of the song is my favorite “Where nothing is sacred there’s nothing to lose / Where nothing is sacred all is consumed / We’re still on the air it must be the truth / We’re selling the news” Jon says, astounding us again with his amazing vocal and writing work.

Thrive starts the second half of the album with a more mellow sound, its lyrics continuing to embody the wanting to live for more in life. “A steering wheel don’t mean you can drive / A warm body don’t mean I’m alive” Jon sings in the acoustic guitar-driven song. With Thrive, there isn’t much to say honestly. I mean this in a good way, it is simply a song that you will have to listen to yourself to understand how great it really is.

The album’s first single, Dark Horses, is up next and it is definitely one of Switchfoot’s best songs. Although some weren’t quite pleased with the original version, I am sure that they will be pleased with this one. Inspired by the homeless children of StandUp for Kids, this song makes as an amazing anthem song for those kids and anyone who is considered a dark horse.

Souvenirs is another gem on this album, especially the chorus in which Jon lets it all loose. The emotion of the song shines through greatly as Jon sings of the past, his souvenirs. “Nothing lasts forever” he cries out as the song reaches it’s climax. Lyrically speaking I think this is one of the most powerful songs on the album. I am surprised this song has yet to receive much attention so far, although it is hard to tell since the album is still waiting to be released.

Rise Above It continues to grasp the listeners attention. With a catchy chorus and poppy and energetic sound overall, this song is sure to be another hit off the album. Personally I think it sounds a bit similar to Selling the News, both in how Jon does vocals and in lyrics. So if you like that track I’m sure you’ll like this one as well. The bridge of the song, if I had to describe it in just one word, is epic. The buildup of Jon’s vocals is amazing and the song is quite powerful, especially at this point. Definitely a song worth getting if you’re not going to get the whole album.

Now we come to the album’s title track Vice Verses. This song is probably my least favorite, yet it is still amazingly great. The song thoroughly encompasses the meaning of the album as a whole and is unique in a good way. It’s a rather simple song musically speaking, and it’s almost mesmerizing really.

Lastly, we have Where I Belong. I really love the intro for this song, the guitars and drums work extremely well together. The song wraps up the first song on the album, Afterlife, as one can easily see upon examining the lyrics for both songs. The song has a great sound to it, I especially love the chorus and just the lyrics in general. This song put an amazing end to the album, I couldn’t have thought of a better song to conclude the album with.

In conclusion, “Vice Verses” is simply an amazing album. I have no doubt that this will become the band’s best-selling album so far, and could very well be their best-received album yet. This will definitely be an album that you will want to check out once you can. “Vice Verses” is a huge step forward for Switchfoot, and I look forward to hearing more from the band in the future. I’m giving this album a perfect five stars out of five.


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