Anchor & Braille News?

Following his tweet about the Anberlin concert DVD, Stephen also sent a tweet out to a Johnny Marr. Some of you might know him from The Smiths, Modest Mouse, or The Cribs among the various other things he does? Well the tweet, although somewhat vague, seems to point towards two possibilities. The first, is Stephen Christian having Marr work with him on the new Anchor & Braille album which is rumored to be released sometime this year?┬áThe second possibility, is Stephen is working on an entirely different side project altogether? Personally I’m thinking that the first option is far more likely. I’ll let you read the tweet though and decide for yourself:

Stephen Christian Tweet - Johnny Marr

Of course Stephen could just be kidding around, so don’t go taking this too seriously. Anything’s possible though so there’s a good chance he could be serious. Only time will tell.