I Am Empire Kings – The Final Countdown

I am Empire

The final countdown begins for one of Tooth & Nail Records’ latest artists to release their new album, Kings, on the new record label. I Am Empire, known for songs such as The Elevator and You’re a Fake, will be releasing their new album tomorrow January 25th starting at midnight! Critics are raving about the new album and as a reviewer from thealbumproject.net says “Above everything, the music is extremely high quality and straddles styles somewhere between Underoath and Jonezetta.” More support comes in from JesusFreakHideout.com where reviewer Nathan Schexnayder says “The creative album art, the dramatic song titles, and the overall hype leading to the release of Kings all promised an explosive, in-your-face, hard rock album. And that, in essence, is what you have here.”

Joey Milligan of former Tooth & Nail group, Anberlin, also helps out with the song Dig You Out. When asked about his thoughts about being able to work with such a largely known group band member Eric said this to ChristianMusicZine.com. “It was cool to work with Joey. He sent us a bunch of song ideas he had, and we basically picked the one we liked the most. We changed the music slightly to fit us a little more, and Austin wrote all the lyrics and melodies.”

Currently, you can get a special acoustic version of one of the new songs from the album, Foxhole, by simply “Liking” the band’s page on Facebook which you can find by clicking here. After that you should be able to download the song under the offer tab. In addition to this, absolutepunk.net will allow you to stream the album for free if you’re a member. Just click here and sign in or register if you haven’t already done so. It just takes a second and it is completely worth it. I haven’t had the time to listen to the entire album yet, but I have listened to a few of the songs so far and I think that it will be a great hit. It’s definitely worth a listen!

Kings appears to be a promising album, and I’m sure that we will all be hearing much more about I Am Empire in the future. It appears that as I finish to write this article, iTunes has now made the album available for purchase! If you would like to buy it from iTunes, you can do so by clicking here.