Jailed Florida Missionary Released From Haitian Jail

(zpz2010.com) – After five months of being jailed in Haiti without charges, Daniel Pye, a 29 year old missionary from Florida, has been released. Pye, who runs an orphanage in Haiti with his wife, Leann, in the city of Jacmel, said the judge who jailed him as signed his release order. Before he heads back to the United States where his wife is about to give birth, Daniel is spending a few days with the orphans at his mission.

A recent jump in media attention has been attributed to Daniel’s release. On the Pyes’ blog Wednesday Leann said, “Our prayers, tears, and words have been heard and responded with a YES!!”

Judge Maxon Samedy had Pye jailed over claimes he had taken goods from another missionary group which he split with last year. On Christmas Eve he had been briefly released, then taken into custody again under claims of an invalid residency card. The leader of the other missionary group said there was never any intent to have Pye arrested, and Judge Samedy ruled there was no longer any cause to hold him on Tuesday.

It is believed that Daniel Pye had been placed under arrest because of the judge’s own grudge against Pye, who helped another missionary group secure a hotel to rent in which Samedy had been residing. The judge was then forced to leave, which some have claimed led to Pye’s arrest.

Daniel has lived in Haiti since 2004. Following his release he said to the Associated Press “I sometimes wonder if it was all a dream.” Once his daughter is born, despite his ordeal over the past few months, Daniel plans to return to Haiti to continue the family’s missionary work.