Thousands attend March for Life 2011

March for Life 2011
On Saturday we mourned the 38th Anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that would forever change the future of America. This decision we know as Roe V. Wade, which made abortion – the murder of an unborn child – a woman’s right. Today tens of thousands of Americans came together in Washington DC for the 2011 March for Life. Hundreds of thousands more around the country stood in silent protest at abortion clinics, marched to their state capitols and courts, and prayed in their homes for one purpose – to end abortion.


The protests did not stop in the boundaries of the United States either; over forty thousand attended the 7th Annual Paris March for Life. The country, rich in Catholic traditions, received a personal blessing from Pope Benedict XVI. Prolifers came from several religions and backgrounds, and the majority of attendees were younger citizens and families who are sure to be a driving for in the coming years in the push to end abortion. Also attending the march in Paris were representatives of nearby European countries including Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the latter two, they are currently combatting a new crisis – plans to have so-called “euthanasia clinics” which will “help” patients end their lives.

In Washington estimates of anywhere between fifty and one hundred thousand persons marched in unity to protest the court decision made almost four decades ago. Following the march, speeches were given by leaders of the Jewish and Christian community. Also attending (and performing) was the Christian music group Barlow Girls. Extra credit goes to Alyssa of the group, who had been suffering from food poisoning. Tonight at the 2011 Rose Dinner Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a potential candidate for the 2012 Presidential race and prolife advocate, will be delivering the keynote address. Representative Bachmann is a mother of five and has opened her home to 23 foster children which inspired her to become one of congress’ leading advocates of foster and adopted children and earning praise from both sides of the aisle for her work. 

Eric Cantor and Marco Rubio, among other prominent politicians promised a prolife agenda as a top-priority. With a GOP majority (which for the most, is prolife) things are certainly easier now. However, with a more liberal senate and a President fiercely supportive of abortion “rights,” things could take a while. Several states currently have prolife bills on the table, and many are likely to be passed sometime in the near future. For now all we can do is hope and pray that an end will come to abortion and that its supporters will have  a change of heart.