Faith on Capitol Hill – Broken Down

( The Pew Research Center conducted a survey of the religious beliefs of the Senators and Representatives of the United States House and Senate elected this past November, in early January. Their conclusions? A little over fifty-six percent are Protestant, the largest denominations being Baptist and Methodist, and a little over twenty-nine percent reporting in as Catholics.

Smaller religious groups such as Jews and Episcopalians – which each about 1.5% of Americans identify their religious beliefs as – are represented in Congress very well, holding 7% of the offices. Surprisingly though, is that atheists, agnostics, and those with no religious affiliation have no positions in the House or Senate whatsoever, although sixteen percent of Americans identify themselves in this category. Perhaps the only exception would be Rep. Pete Stark who seems to be confused to say the least, who says he is a Unitarian, yet at the same time does not believe in God.

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